Britney Spears with Kolaveri Di Anirudh




All it took was one song to change the life of a young boy who wanted to become a music director. His name is Anirudh Ravichander and though he is related to Superstar Rajnikanth his song ‘Why This Kolaveri Di’ made him an international celebrity overnight. And here is an interesting update about this lad.

It is heard that the likes of global pop icons such as Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears keep speaking to Anirudh on the phone. It is heard that during the ‘Kolaveri Di’ success time they called and appreciated him. And from there onwards Anirudh is reportedly continuing his friendship with them.

The talk is that from a while Britney has wanted to capture the local market in India so she is planning to do an album with Anirudh.

Sources say arrangements are being made so that the shooting also takes place in India. If everything goes well then BritneyAnirudh album might begin its work from 2014 onwards.

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Simbu denies reports of Rihanna joining his music video shoot


more …. http://j.gs/2CVg

Have you been addicted to that Akon song your friend keeps looping on his playlist? Well, during the past week or so, the Senegalese-American R&B artist is gradually becoming a hot favorite among our Chennai makkals! Already enjoying an international fan base , ever since Silambarasan and the powerhouse singer collaborated his tunes are trending all over Tamil Nadu.

Now back home after joining forces with Simbu for version 2.0 of the Love anthem in a veshti sattai appearance, Akon exclaimed on his micro blog recently, “With my man STR in India working on World Wide smash for Peace!”. In response, Simbu pleased with the remark called out to his friend saying, “You are the man bro. Let’s spread love.”

However, expectation midst fans soared as apart from Akon, there was much talk on pop vocalist Rihanna joining the party for a brief stint in the yet to be released album which would mean the arrival of Hollywood’s biggest crooners for Simbu’s hit single.

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